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First EIC Transition Funding for TUM

We are happy to receive funding from the European Innovation Council (EIC) as part of the EIC Transition program together with colleagues from TUM to develop a new technology which will facilitate quick, easy and precise fertilizing in the field in the future. Thanks to the combination of biosensor test strips and satellite-based remote sensing data, the Technical University of Munich (TUM) is developing a method for determining the nutritional condition of cereals and the perfect amount of fertilizer. Automatic provision of digital analytical data to the tractors terminal should save time and prevent overfertilization in the future. With its development of environmentally friendly technologies the Straubing campus for sustainability plays a leading role within the TUM. The GrimmLab will be responsible for the machine learning related parts in the project. Multiple university chairs are working together on the project in order to develop a technology which is ready for market. The Chair of Prof. Nicolas Plumeré, Professor of Electrobiotechnology at the TUM Straubing campus is leading the project.


The project is supported by funds of the European Innovation Council.